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Davison, Pheobe and Caleb. VA>PA>WV
Davison, Pheobe and Caleb. VA>PA>WV
Submitted by Bill Davison

Phoebe and Caleb

This is one story of Phoebe and Caleb.
Phoebe Wilson and Caleb Davison
Born into slavery, early 1800’s
Phoebe in Maryland
Caleb in Virginia.
Phoebe of Nancy Hamilton & Jerry Wilson
Caleb of Letticia Davison.

Caleb was freed by Manumission
In 1852 Marion County, Virginia.
Phoebe’s freedom was purchased by Caleb
At Skinner’s Tavern, Fairmont, Virginia.

Phoebe could have been free for $200
If paid in a year.
So one story is told.
But another $50 was needed.
Caleb worked for Phoebe’s owners
For several years…
For Phoebe’s freedom…
For $250.00!

Both free at last!
And with other Davisons!
They head north,
Into Pennsylvania.
Living at Blacksville.

Caleb worked on the Underground Railroad
Carrying runaway slaves to Freedom
Across the bridge,
Runaways hidden in his wagon

Ten children born to them
Ten children now to feed:
Henry, who might have left with a circus
But died while working in Washington, PA.

Charles, born 1855
Lived in Ohio
Died in July 1924
Buried in Washington, PA

Jeremiah, born 1855
Married Mary ?, then Josephine Bibb
Two children with Mary
And buried in Morgantown, W Va

Harriet Hannah, born 1857
Married Andrew Bruce
Four children
Died in 1891
Buried in Waynesburg or Blacksville, Pa.

William, born 1857
Married Rachel V. Carter
William died in 1924 & Rachel in 1917
Buried at Washington Cemetery.

Annie Laura, born 1863
Married Andrew “Andy” Bruce
Three children
Annie died in 1942 & Andy in 1928
Both buried Washington Cemetery.

Mary Jane, born 1864
Married Edward Crenshaw
Four children
Mary Jane died in 1894 & Ed in 1934.
Mary Jane buried in Morgantown, W Va

Cornelius “Neil” W., born 1866
Married Louisa “Louie” Isabelle Alfred
Neil died 1935 & Louisa in 1912
Both buried in Waynesburg.

Ulysses Grant, born 1872
Married Alice Minerva Alfred
Three children
Grant died in 1901, buried in Waynesburg
Alice in 1961, buried in Los Angeles, California.

Lafayette “Jack”, born 1869
Married Lorena “Rena” Belle Alfred
Four children
Lafayette died 1946
Both Jack & Rena buried inWaynesburg.

“The children of Phoebe and Caleb!”

Phoebe and Caleb were rather well to do
Owning land overlooking W Va...
Atop a hill…
Close to where Caleb is now buried.

Caleb once went to Waynesburg on business
So the newspaper tells the story
Some men got Caleb drunk!
And in all their glory,
Left Caleb to perhaps die along the road.
But Caleb was found and was saved,
Thus avoiding an early grave!

But Caleb did die, in 1899
And buried close to their land.
Shannon Run Colored Cemetery!
On a hill overlooking Shannon Run
Buried near a lady who died in 1844
Buried near other departed souls.
Buried but never forgotten!

Sell the land & move to town
Bypass town and on to Washington!
Register to vote at age 108.
Long time in coming but never too late.
Phoebe died in 1921,
From slavery to freedom and beyond,
Phoebe laid to rest
In Washington.
Washington Cemetery, Washington, Pa.
I’ve been to her grave and others
On many a day.

Rest in peace my Aunt and Uncle
Rest in Peace for you are now free
Free in Heaven with your many kin
Free in Heaven, free again!

By Bill A. Davison
Caleb and Phoebe my GG Aunt and Uncle.

Bill A. Davison
1065 Birch Ave.
Waynesburg PA 15370

Copyright 2008 The University of South Florida and The Africana Heritage Project. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. For more information, contact the Africana Heritage Project via e-mail.