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This is a story about my mom, Betty Jean Canada b: 3 Oct 1934 in Chattanooga, TN (Hamilton Co); to one Ed Canada b: 9 Oct 1905 in Lodi, MS (Montgomery Co) and Viola Parks b: 6 June 1963 in Griffin, GA (Spalding Co) and died: 6 August 1963 in Chattanooga, TN. My mother is now deceased.

She died on 25 April 1994 in Harlan, Ky (Harlan Co) of breast cancer. Mother never really talked about her family, but the thing I do know is she thought her father had died when she was young. Don't know if she was just told this or this was in fact true? I'm sure she probably thought so, too.

Anyways, my story goes on to say this; I found my grandfather Ed Canada on a research trip or had put in one of my queries to the Tennessee genealogy board. The information I recieved was that my grandfather, had still been living in Memphis, TN and working for the news paper there, "The Commercial Appeal" as a truck Driver. He's now deceased, and how ironic this was to find; he died just 4 months after his daughter-Betty Jean Canada-Underwood, in the same year on 25 August 1994.

So I called the newspaper and they sent me his obituary. He had been living in Tennessee with his current wife-Arnell Adams-Canada. I've written to her to see what else she could tell me about my grandfather Ed Canada, but no response as of yet. Don't know the circumstances of why he and grandma-Viola Parks weren't together. Hopefully it's something that can be resolved in the future.

Still researching the whys and what happened. The other thing about this was; everyone said that Ed Canada had been born in Griffin, Ga area. This was not fact, but in turn found his family in the Mississippi area. His parents were-Charlie Canada and Mattie Loggins. Found he had one sister-Charlene Canada. Haven't meet them, but eventually if there or any of there associated families. Would love to meet one day!

My grandparents; Ed Canada and Viola Parks had two children born to them, that I knew of. One mentioned my mother Betty Jean and a son-Herman Canada b: 29 Sept 1929 in Griffin, Ga and died: 26 Dec 1968 in Chattanooga, TN. His wife is-Louise Ellis (still living in the Tennessee area).

They had five children born to them: Herman Jr, Ernest Tyrone, Wanda L (now deceased), Constance and Edwina, all are still living in the Chattanooga, TN area.

My mom, married one-Mckinley Underwood Jr, b: 3 Jan 1935 in Union Springs, AL. They had 9 children-Felecia (deceased), Keminia, Angie (Narrator), Amelia, Mckinley III, Dyrol, Stephen, Nicholas (deceased) and Rueben (deceased).

My dad is now since remarried to one-Mary McCloud. All still living in the Florida area. Dad was one of 17 children born to the late: Rev. Mckinley Underwood Jr and Essie Mae Lee (Feagin). There children: Anna Pearl (deceased), Mary Alice, Bettie Lou, Vivian Yvonne, Mabel Ruth (deceased), Bernice (deceased), Doris Etta, Jaquetta Ann, Mckinley (my dad), Charles, Lawrence, Norman, James(deceased) and Jerry Wayne.

A lot of story to tell, but I will close with this. My research has been long and frustrating at times. Alot of things not fitting and having to go and find or hunt for information. At times one feels, not able to talk about.

Surnames: Underwood/Lee/Feagin/Goodwin/Coleman/Richardson/Canada/Parks/Loggins
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