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Graham, Noah and Peggy; Walter Graham (GA>FL) and Mary Williams, Suwannee County, FL
Graham, Noah and Peggy; Walter Graham (GA>FL) and Mary Williams, Suwannee County, FL

My great grand father was Noah Graham, his wife was Peggie. (marriage license shows she was a Graham prior to marrying) their first child was Mary, b. 1860 in FL. This tells me they were on a plantion in Florida before moving to the Live Oak, FL area.

They raised 12 or 13 children in the same location until 1900 and they were not afterward on any document that I found. My grandfather was Walter Mann b. Sep 1876 his mother was Mary Williams. His father was Ed Mann, I never identified Ed or Mary on any documents.

Walter had a brother Bryant Mann b. 1883 in FL ( Bryant was found in walter's household 1900 Suwannee County. Bryant was never found again) Walter was born in Newton, Baker County, Ga.

I am seeking other family members, or folks who can tell me more details about my family's past.

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