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Hollis/Wells Family: SC, AL, TN
Hollis/Wells Family: SC, AL, TN

The Hollis/Wells pedigree begins with Harriet Hollis who is enumerated on the 1880 & 1900 census. She gives her date of birth as Dec 1824 and her place of birth as South Carolina.
Harriet died in the Moscow area of Sulligent Alabama in November 1919.

She was held in bondage by Derrill Upright Hollis until freed by the civil war. Derrill Upright Hollis was born in Winnsboro, SC in 1802 and migrated through Tennessee and into Alabama. He received a land patent for 40 acres at Township 14S and Range 15W Section 5 of Lamar County dated 4 January 1852.

He had been in the county prior to that date acquiring 1500 acres of land and 125 slaves. He died in 1870. In tracing his pedigree , I have the wills for Berry Hollis and Moses Hollis but no mention is made of Harriet nor of where they acquired their

Although no information is known about her spouse, Harriet Hollis was the mother of 10 children. They were:


It is unknown whether she had any siblings or other family. No description of her has been given. Harriet's descendants became the owners of most of D.U. Hollis' land in the Turkey Creek and Moscow areas. Bud Wells left 750 acres more or less to his heirs which is still intact.

Harriet's daughter Jane married (?) Doug Wells of Nashville, TN. At an unknown date. They were the parents of Doug "Bud" Wells who married Minnie Kidd and began our family line. Their children were: Rozina, Tez, Clemmie, Crance, Inez, Lela,
Pearlie, Girlie, Joe Acklin, Cheek and the twins Era and Zera.
Inez Wells Reese was my paternal grandmother.

Joyce Reese McCollum
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