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Mitchell, Elizabeth (Beth), Franklin County, MS
Elizabeth "Beth" Mitchell of Franklin County, MS

By Willie L. Robinson

Elizabeth "Beth" Mitchell was born in Franklin County, Mississippi about in 1845 or 1846. She was the daughter of a white woman and a black man, likely a slave. One day as a young girl, an uncle carried Beth to a slave market so she could be sold. But thanks to the quick actions of another uncle, Beth was rescued and returned home.

This uncle hurriedly rode his horse to the slave market after learning of the intent of the other uncle to sell the mulatto girl into slavery, after she had lived her life to that point as a free person.

The background information for Beth's story was provided by Cousin Luberta Fairman Porter, a granddaughter of Beth, who had the story told to her many times by her mother. Cousin Luberta provided good information and doing the research on Beth has been rewarding. For more about Beth's story, visit In Loving Memory of Luberta Fairman Porter

Willie L. Robinson
Nashville, TN
January 05, 2006

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