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Descendants of Slave Master Solomon Obed Magee of MS
Descendants of Slave Master Solomon Obed Magee of MS

By Willie L. Robinson

In addition to there being two slave women named Rachel in the ancestor tree of Mildred M. Varnado Robinson, there are also two ancestors named John Magee in her lineage. John Sr. and John Jr. are ancestors of Solomon Obed Magee, father of Elvie Magee Varnado. They are grandfather and great-grandfather, respectively, of Solomon Obed. Much research has been done on the ancestry of Solomon Obed.

With Slave Rachel of Mississippi, Solomon Obed started a branch of his family that is African-American. His daughter Elvie married Charlie Varnado Sr., thus starting the Varnado Family of Pike County. This Varnado family is a large family and members are proud of their heritage. Until the year 2000, the Varnado Family Reunion was celebrated biannually during the summer in Mississippi and once in Illinois dating back to the 1970s. For the past several years, the family has gathered in Jacksonville, Florida, during the week of Thanksgiving to share love, express thanks to God and show appreciation for those who came before and struggled to bring the family to where it is today.

The other Rachel left a trail that leads to Mother Africa. Exactly where the trail goes after reaching Africa is unknown at this time, but it is known that through Rachel the roots of this branch of the Varnado family are deep in Africa. Unlike that of the Magee family, for now knowledge of Rachel's heritage stops at the shores of Africa. Documentation on Solomon Obed family continues for many more generations.

The John Magee and Ann Moore of the last generation shown in Mildred's family tree are the couple, #660 and #661 respectively, of another ancestor tree. Hopefully, one day more will be known about Rachel's African roots.

Willie L. Robinson
Nashville, TN
January 05, 2006

Image: Varnado Descendants, Jacksonville, FL
Thanksgiving Day, 2005
Courtesy of Willie L. Robinson
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